Human Comes Home Leaky Eyed

When you humans are sad, you get leaky eyes. Today, when the human came home from work, we could tell he had leaky eyes and we were worried about him. All three of us felines talked to him.

“Human, why do you have leaky eyes?”

“I don’t have leaky eyes, Bagheera. Don’t worry about it.”

“Now human, we do not see as well as you do, but we can tell. You have leaky eyes.”

“Jacey, I am not crying.”

“Human, it is okay to be sad. You need to tell us why. Did my growling at Jacey this morning make you sad?”

“No, Marley, that wasn’t it.”

“Then what is it, human?”

“Well, Bagheera, I am very happy but sad at the same time. You see, you know the place I took you and Jacey to play in? I try to find homes for felines there. And even though a cat adoption is a happy time, when it is time to say goodbye to a cat you like, it is hard.”

“Who did you say goodbye to, human?”

“Bagheera, the toughest cat adoption I’ve done so far was today. It was for a special needs cat like you. You see, Bagheera, there was this very sweet cat named Sylvia. She suffered a traumatic injury to her tail called degloving.”

Sylvia's Cat Adoption Gave the Human Leaky Eyes
Sylvia’s Cat Adoption Gave the Human Leaky Eyes

“That sounds very painful, human.”

“It is. And because it’s very difficult to heal from, it is much more humane to amputate the tail.”

“You mean this cat had no tail, human?”

“Yes, Jacey. And if anyone here is going to suffer an injury to their tail, it will probably be you because you like to do things you should not!”

“Was she sad about not having a tail, human?”

“I’m sure she missed her tail, Marley, but she is a brave cat. She did not let it stop her from being a friendly and happy cat. And that is why her cat adoption got completed. She was so cute and so sweet and that is why I am sad that I will not see her anymore.”

Sylvia Relaxing at The Cat Cafe
Sylvia Relaxing at The Cat Cafe

“Human, you have the three of us. Do you really need any more felines in your life?”

“Ha, Bagheera, that’s funny. Need? No. Want? Well, I opened a cat cafe. I spend my day with other cats and I get attached to some of them. Not like you, because you guys are my cats. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be sad that I won’t see one after she’s adopted.”

“Well, human, it is okay for you to be sad and get leaky eyes over this. But remember, she is going to a good home. Doesn’t that make you happy?”

“Yes, it does, Bagheera. It does.”

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