A Very Happy Cat Adoption

I have shared many happy cat adoption stories with you. But there are very few where my human is actually involved in them. I told you that he was sad but happy when he had to say goodbye to a sweet special needs cat named Sylvia. But today, I will share with you a very happy cat adoption story that the human was involved with.

Patra Wearing a Hat at The Cat Cafe
Patra Wearing a Hat at The Cat Cafe

Patra is a sweet cat who has had a difficult time. She and her sister Cleo were raised together, but the humans who were raising them had to give them up due to financial problems. Cleo and Patra went to family, so it was not so bad. But then, that human family had a child, and the loud noises bothered both Cleo and Patra.

That meant Cleo and Patra were surrendered. And while they were furiends, they were able to be adopted separately. There were two cat adoptions, and both of these girls went to new homes. Cleo was happy in her new home, but Patra was bullied by one of the cats who was there already. That meant she had to go back.

Patra then went to The Cat Cafe, where she met the human. He told me she was a very sweet cat and he wanted to find her a good home. I reminded him that with Jacey, Marley and me he could not do another cat adoption, and he said he knew that. But he still wanted to find Patra a good home.

Well, yesterday, someone called asking what had to be done for a cat adoption. The human told them, and they said they wanted to adopt Patra. They lived a long way away, and they said they were driving in.

They arrived, and they were ecstatic to see the cat they had to surrender. These humans were so excited to get the chance to get their beloved cat back.

Patra's Cat Adoption
Patra’s Cat Adoption

You know we felines do not like to be put in our travel crates. Patra was no different, but she tolerated it well because she knew she was going back to the humans who cared for and loved her originally.

The human had grown attached to Patra, and she definitely liked him, because she let him pick her up and handle her. That is something she did not tolerate from other humans.

But even though he was sad to see her go, he was very happy with this cat adoption. How could he not be, reuniting a feline with the humans who loved her from when she was a kitten!

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