Make Special Needs Cats Comfy

The human showed me an article written by my good furiends at Catster. The article talked about how to create a happy home for a special needs cat. There were a few tips in the article that I will share with you.

A Special Needs Cat with One Eye
A Special Needs Cat with One Eye

First, they said that it is very important to keep special needs cats inside. This is very true. It is best for all cats, special needs or not, to stay inside at all times. The life of an indoor only cat is much longer than that of one that spends time outside.

But in the case of a special needs cat, it is even more important. Being a diabetic cat is not much fun, but the challenges I face are not as serious as those of other special needs cats. I can see, hear, and move fine. Other special needs cats cannot. And if I need to stay inside, what about a blind or deaf cat?

Also important is developing a routine. If you have a blind cat, for example, feeding him noms at the same time every day helps him know that he must be by the noms area at a certain time. He can plan for that. And it gives the special needs cat you are caring for the opportunity to know when you will definitely interact with him.

Make Sure Your Special Needs Cat Can Use the Litterbox
Make Sure Your Special Needs Cat Can Use the Litterbox

The last tip they gave is one that might not be obvious. It has to do with the litter box. Make sure it’s one your special needs cat can use. If a cat cannot get around very well, make sure the litter box is easy to get in and out of.

If you do these things, it is likely your special needs cat will be very happy. Do you have any other suggestions for humans caring for special needs cats? Share them!

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