Flash’s Happy Cat Rescue

I love to share happy cat rescue stories because they make both me and you smile. Today, I want to share the story of how Flash ended up in her furever home. But be careful when you read it, because it may give you leaky eyes!

In the summer of 2009, a human was traveling far away from home when she received a text message. It came early in the morning, and it was a picture of a kitten. These humans had three rescue cats at home, so the way this cat rescue story was going to end was all but certain.

This cat rescue story began with a routine trip to the store. On the way, a kitten ran in front of the car. Somehow, this kitten knew that the human driving the care was a kind one and sat by the car. When the human returned, she gave the kitten the only noms she had — some french fries.

There was no way the human who fed the kitten was going to leave the cat in the street, so she took her home. Next, just like all good cat rescue stories, was a trip to the humans in white coats. Here, Flash was found to be healthy.

A Happy Cat Rescue Story Features Flash

Flash did not waste any time working his way into the hearts of not just the human who performed the cat rescue, but the rest of the family as well. And because Flash was weaned too early, he has a quirky little habit. He will snuggle close to his human’s necks, knead, and then suck on their shirt collars!

The other three cats in the home had different reactions to this cat rescue. The older ones were not too happy to have a rambunctious kitten running around the home, but the younger one was very happy. Eventually, though, they all came to love Flash as much as his humans do.

It is said that cats often choose their human. In this happy cat rescue story, Flash chose very wisely!

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