Dottie’s Human Saves A Feline

A while ago, I learned about a feline who had been tortured by evil and cruel humans. Dottie, you see, had her hind legs cut off as well as one of her ears. She was searching for food in a parking lot when a kind human saw her and decided that a cat rescue needed to happen right away. Now Dottie lives in a home with a human who gives her the love she deserves.

If this was all that Dottie’s human did, it would be worthy of a lot of praise. After all, carrying out a cat rescue of a feline who was abused and who had been maimed was a very kind and caring thing to do.

But for Dottie’s human, one cat rescue was not enough. Recently, a cat who had been hit by a car was found, and Dottie’s human got a call.  The feline was brought to Dottie’s human, and a trip to the humans in white coats was next. A feeding tube was inserted for the poor feline to get nourishment,

Cat Rescue of Feline Hit by Car
This Cat Was Hit by a Car

Complex surgery was going to be required for this feline, who still doesn’t have a name, to recover. Dottie’s human wanted to get this done, and a call to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay was made. The same white coated human who performed surgery on Bart the zombie cat agreed to help.

Cat Rescue Requires Surgery
Surgery Was Required

The poor feline is in bad shape. His jaw was broken in three places, his skull was fractured, and the soft palate was split open. His jaw was wired shut, and recovery will take six to eight weeks. The split palate was sutured together to repair it.

Now the most difficult part of this cat rescue begins — the waiting. Dottie’s human will have to wait to see if this cat will become a good companion for Dottie or if his injuries are too severe.

If you want to help with green paper things, please contribute. If you cannot, please send healing thoughts and share this cat rescue story.


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