Meet Special Needs Cat Hunter

One of the things I enjoy doing here is highlighting other special needs cats like me. After all, as a diabetic cat, I have a lot of sympathy for cats who are facing other challenging conditions. And today, I want you to meet a very special Persian cat named Hunter.

Special Needs Cat Hunter
Special Needs Cat Hunter

Hunter is a purebred Persian cat with a doll face and pretty blue eyes. He’s just like any other cat. He’s happy, playful and enjoys spending time both irritating and playing with his humans. The one thing that makes Hunter different than other cats is that he only has three legs.

You see, Hunter was the victim of a bad breeder. This irresponsible human ignored the painful condition Hunter was suffering from when he was born. He was dragging his leg and ignoring this condition was what got Hunter pulled from the irresponsible human.

Hunter then went to a rescue, where conditions were not good. After having his leg amputated for humane reasons, he was exposed to many felines who were sick while he was waiting for his furever home.

When Hunter got home, he got a fever of 105 degrees and he was shown to have been exposed to felines who were suffering from feline panleukopenia. This disease sadly took the lives of some of the cats who had it, but not Hunter.

Hunter has since recovered, and has gotten used to being a cat with only three legs. This tripod is a brave and tough special needs cat. And he lives with other special needs cats. One of them, a 15 year old named Dude, is a diabetic cat like me! Another cat, Jayden, is a four year old Persian kitty who has a cloudy eye because an irresponsible human didn’t treat him when he had a scratched eye.

Special Needs Cat Hunter with his Canine Furiend
Special Needs Cat Hunter with his Canine Furiend

Hunter and the rest of the special needs cats in his family show that just because we have challenges does not mean we cannot be great felines for the right humans. I am glad he and the rest of his special needs family found the right one!

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