Happy for Special Needs Cat Olaf

Olaf is a special needs cat who came to Michigan Cat Rescue with some challenging conditions. They feared the worst, with Olaf fighting off many lesions and needing a biopsy to rule out cancer.

Olaf and his caretakers at Michigan Cat Rescue got some good news when a biopsy revealed that the lesions he is suffering from are not cancerous. But Olaf will continue to need medical attention.

Special Needs Cat Olaf Received Good News
Special Needs Cat Olaf Received Good News

He has lesions on the roof of his mouth. These are likely caused by a known food allergy and stress from being in a shelter environment for years. Olaf will also need to remain on antibiotics for 20 days before he gets checked out by the humans in white coats again.

But there is more happy news for my special fellow needs cat. A very kind human, even though he did not know whether Olaf had cancer or not, had agreed to give him a good home. Fortunately for Olaf and this human, this home will not be a hospice home.

A Special Needs House Panther
A Special Needs House Panther

Olaf has come a long way from where he was. He was in a shelter for a long time, which is not a good life for a cat. And as a special needs black cat, it should come as no surprise that he was not selected for adoption. Michigan Cat Rescue took a chance on him and saved him from a very difficult existence.

Now, this special needs cat will meet with a human who loves black cats and who does not mind that he is a special needs cat. That is what every feline deserves and I am very glad that Michigan Cat Rescue and a very kind human will make that happen for Olaf. This is very good news we should celebrate!

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