Godiva Finds Her Furever Home

It is always a happy day when a feline gets adopted, even if it is a little bittersweet for the human doing the cat adoption. Remember the story I shared with you of the human coming home with leaky eyes after he adopted out a sweet special needs cat named Sylvia?

I think that is what happened to Lincoln’s human recently, who was much more involved in the rescue and recovery of a feline that found a furever home.

You see, my human only cared for Sylvia for a few weeks. That was enough for a bond to form. Lincoln’s human rescued Godiva from a very bad situation, nursed her back to health, and then cared for her until she could find a furever home.

Recently, Godiva found that home. It was fitting that someone extended their heart to Godiva right around Valentine’s day since that is a day where you humans celebrate love. And a cat adoption is definitely a gesture of love.

Godiva After Her Cat Adoption
Godiva After Her Cat Adoption

Godiva’s cat adoption came with a few conditions. First, Lincoln’s human is allowed to visit Godiva, because she wants to make sure the feline she rescued is doing well. Another condition of the cat adoption was allowing video conversations between Lincoln’s human and Godiva.

Lincoln and his human definitely miss having Godiva around, but they are very happy that she is in a good home. She has settled in and has gotten to know her new brofur, Nova, very well. They get along and she is very happy.

Lincoln and his human are glad that they were able to help Godiva along her journey from barn cat to recovery to cat adoption. I am grateful to Lincoln and his human for doing so much work to save so many felines!

Best wishes for Godiva in her new home!

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