March 15 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, everyone. It is time for me to share my blood sugar readings for the week with you. Last week was very good and I was very excited to have my blood sugar readings drop below the 200 threshold that we have been trying to get to for a long time. It is not necessarily bad if I am a little above it, but we were seeing glucose readings that made the human worry.

I wish I could say that things only got better, but that would not be true. This week, my blood sugar readings went up and I was not happy about that. The average for the week was 235, which was up quite a bit from the 197 that we saw last week.

My blood sugar readings are still okay, but we are not as happy as we were last week and we are thinking of making some modifications so that everything works out better. I have to tell myself to relax and to remind the human to do the same.

Will Relaxing Like This Get My Blood Sugar Levels Down?
A Relaxing Cat

Some of it was a big bounce my blood sugar readings took when the human reduced my dosing because of a relatively low reading. For example, we saw a reading of 86, which made the human happy and he reduced my insulin dose. But then right after that, my blood sugar levels spiked to 565.

The human is thinking of always giving me a dose that’s in between what I get when my blood sugar is low and when it’s high. That will give us a steady dosing and that may be what is needed to prevent spikes.

But if that does not work, it is okay. The average readings I am seeing are not bad. We just would like to see them improve so that the human can stop worrying so much!

I will let you know what the human decided to do to treat my blood sugar levels and how it worked next Monday. Thank you for coming by to hear about what’s going on with me.

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