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Diabetic Cats in Need is a wonderful organization, and they recently shared the story of Star. Her story is a sad one, but fortunately, the kind humans at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team of Maine are working very hard to make sure my fellow diabetic cat gets a good home.

Star, you see, was adopted from HART of Maine. And the kind humans there did a lot of work to get her into shape for adoption. She arrived as a stray, and was very emaciated. Her pretty long hair was clumped into many mats, and she had many scabs. It is not surprising that she was in bad shape, because diabetic cats who do not receive treatment can decline in health significantly.

Diabetic Cat Star
Diabetic Cat Star

While Star was waiting to be adopted, the humans at HART of Maine learned a few things about her. They learned that this feline was a lap cat, who loved to snuggle with humans. She did not enjoy other felines as much. She would let them know she did not like them around by grumbling to tell them to go away.

Despite this, a human came and said they wanted Star, and she went to what she thought was going to be her furever home. Everyone thought it was a happy adoption for a diabetic cat.

Well, that is not what happened, and the human who adopted Star took her to the humans in white coats to be euthanized! This is ridiculous, because Star should have been taken back to HART of Maine!

Diabetic Cat Star Needs a Good Home
Diabetic Cat Star Needs a Good Home

Other medical conditions may have arisen since Star was last at HART of Maine. This is something that can occur with a diabetic cat and it is why we need to see the humans in white coats regularly. But Star is being treated for these conditions, and she continues to need insulin for her diabetes.

While the humans in white coats are doing their work, Star is looking for a home once again. Let’s see if we can help her find one where she will not be discarded by uncaring humans.

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