Cat Saved from House for Sale

The human tells me that when you humans go looking for places to live, you often go from house to house, and visit many different ones before you choose one to live in. He told me that before we moved to the place where we live now, he had to look at four or five places. He also told me that it took many green paper things and he had to sign his name in many places before we could get our home.

Well, during one human’s quest to find a new home, he did what my human did. He visited a house, and was stunned to find a litter box in the kitchen and a feline who was starved for attention in the upper floor!

Scoopy's Cat Rescue Is an Unusual One
Scoopy’s Cat Rescue Is an Unusual One

This human decided that he could not allow the feline to languish there, so he started a very unusual cat rescue. The cat, who has now been named Scoopy, was hiding in a duffel bag in the closet. He was very overweight, and had licked all of the fur off his forearms.

The human who was trying to sell the home said that she was trying to find Scoopy a home, but nobody would take him. She would stop in many times a week to give him noms and water and to clean up the litter. But she couldn’t give Scoopy the attention he needed.

That is when the human considering buying the home decided he was going to carry out a cat rescue. The seller of the home gave him permission and was very grateful.

Next, just like in most cat rescues, was a trip to the humans in white coats. Scoopy was found to have irritation caused by fleas and was treated for this. The resident cats were as well, just to be safe.

Scoopy is Very Happy With His Cat Rescue
Scoopy is Very Happy With His Cat Rescue

Scoopy is very grateful for the kind human who carried out his cat rescue. And in case you are wondering, this human did not buy the home. But he does have a great addition to his own home in a very happy Scoopy!

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