April 5 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. It is time for me to tell you about what happened with my blood sugar readings for the week. This week, we did a little better than last week. Remember, even though I wasn’t really happy with my blood sugar readings from last week, they were not too bad. So I am happy about even the slight improvement I saw.

Now before you think that I get too stressed out about my blood sugar readings, do not worry. Right now, I am lying down next to the keyboard for the catputer, while the human works on it.

Supervising the Human While He Shares My Blood Sugar Readings
Supervising the Human

After all, I must supervise the human to make sure he tells you my story properly!

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 219, which was down from last week’s 232. Remember, even the 232 was not too bad, which means that even a slight improvement is good news. We did have one roller coaster incident, when my blood sugar dropped to a point where the human did not fell comfortable giving me any insulin. After that, my blood sugar jumped. But it was back under control after just one shot.

We will see if I can give you even better news next week, when I hopefully tell you about another improvement in my blood sugar levels.

And now I will tell you a funny story about the antics of Jacey and Marley. Jacey was sitting in the same place as where I am in the picture. She was playing with the human. Well, Marley was hungry, and wanted noms. She took a look at Jacey, and figured that she was distracted by the human.

Marley decided to eat her noms. When she did, Jacey heard the noise of Marley nomming. She very quietly turned around, watching Marley. But Jacey is not a mean cat. She waited until Marley was done nomming and licking her lips.

And then Jacey pounced and gave Marley a little tap on the head. Marley did not like this, and ran right back into her hidey hole, complaining the whole time. I had to go over to Marley to get her to calm down, and when she started to complain to me, I thumped the top of her hidey hole.

The human just shook his head. He does not understand why we do this. Because it is fun, silly human!

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