April 12 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, my furiends. It is another Monday, and that means it is time for me to update you on my blood sugar readings. But first I must share with you a story that is only funny now. It made me very unhappy at the time.

The human was putting his hockey equipment outside to dry because even his less sensitive nose knows that it does not smell good and he did not want that smell in our home. Well, when he was putting that on the balcony, I sneaked outside and he did not notice. Usually it is Jacey that does this, and when he saw Jacey inside, he closed the door.

The Human Heard Me Doing This
The Human Heard Me Doing This

I did not mind, but then I wanted to come back in. I meowed loudly, and the human said “Bagheera, where are you?” I continued to meow loudly while scratching the door, and he opened it for me. I then walked in, giving him the stink eye, and went to drink some water. Silly human!

I cannot be too mad at the human, because he cares enough about me to check my blood sugar readings and give me insulin to keep them under control. For the week, they were not as well controlled as we would like, but they were not horrible, either.

My blood sugar readings for the week averaged 235. That is a little higher than last week’s reading of 219. We didn’t have any really low numbers that scared the human and me, but we had a few readings that were higher than we want.

It is more of the same, my furiends. We do not have the blood sugar in as good control as we like, but it is not at a point where it can cause serious problems over the long term. I guess that is what I will have to tolerate. It’s been about three years since I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, and I am still healthy and happy.

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