Starved Cats Need Your Help

The story I will share with you today is a very sad one. But we can make it a happy cat rescue if we work together.

Some humans say that we felines do not get attached to our humans. Well, that is not true. We love you, but we also need you. You play a vital role in our survival by giving us noms. And if something happens to you and you can no longer give us those noms, very bad things happen.

This is what happened to Jedi and Padme. These two felines were part of a family of seven felines and one human. The human left us, and nobody knew. It took a month before the humans with badges found out that this human had perished. During that time, sadly, five of the seven felines in the home joined their human across the rainbow bridge.

Help Complete Jedi and Padme's cat rescue
Jedi and Padme Need Your Help

Jedi and Padme were the only two that survived. But they were emaciated, scared, and in need of much help from the humans in white coats. Their cat rescue took them to critical care, and my furiends, the work that is needed to help them recover is extensive. These two are receiving around the clock care. They get intravenous fluids, nutritional supplements, antibiotics, lots of blood tests, and many other things.

Help Complete Jedi and Padme's Cat Rescue
Help Complete Jedi and Padme’s Cat Rescue

It should not surprise you that all of this care is making this a very expensive cat rescue. But Justin, Fire Survivor, and his cat rescue group are willing to incur the expenses to save these two. You see, despite their horrible condition, Jedi and Padme are loving felines. They purr and give head bonks to the humans in white coats who are caring for them.

I do not have any green paper things to give for the care of these two. But I hope that you do. Please help if you can by giving green paper things to them. The email address to send money to via PayPal is [email protected] And if you can not, please share their story so that others can help.

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3 Replies to “Starved Cats Need Your Help”

  1. OMG I´s so sorry to hear this about the sweet kitties that didn´t make it! Crying! Hope so much that I had some green paper things to give also, but sorrily I don´t have any extra at all bec I´m pensionaire, got it early so not much to live on and my hubby is on sickleave and have been for 4 years now. But I share this story and hope someone else have some extra to spend! <3 <3 <3

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