April 19 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, my furiends. It is time for me to update you on my blood sugar readings for the week that just ended. You will remember that I was not happy with the human for taking me to The Cat Cafe.

Do not be too angry with him, though. He thought that I would be able to showcase special needs cats and that other humans would like my extra toe.

But because I was not in the mood to be nice to any humans, that did not happen.

Marley and I Did This
Marley and I Did This

The human’s mother was visiting, and she told him that after I got back home, I was very calm and relaxed. Marley even came out of her crate to come and say hello, and we touched noses. But Marley is a funny feline, my furiends. Not too long after she touched noses with me, she was growling when I got too close. I do not understand her. She will touch noses with me and then growl at me later?

Surprisingly, the stress of that unwanted trip did not cause my blood sugar levels to get too high. For the week, my blood sugar levels were pretty much the same as last week. They averaged 234, which is pretty much the same as last week’s 235.

We saw a few readings that were higher than we want. Surprisingly, none of those blood sugar readings were on the day where I went into the crate for the third time in a month! That is not too bad, I suppose. It means that while I was annoyed and unhappy, it did not cause enough stress to elevate my blood sugar readings.

Make Sure to Do This a Lot
Make Sure to Do This a Lot

I am hopeful that a calm week will help me keep my blood sugar readings at good levels. I will update you on what happened next week. I hope you have fun this week and do not forget to play with your favorite felines!

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