Tippy Needs Healing Thoughts

You know that my good furiend Lucky shares his home with many other felines, including one named Sassie. Sassie is a very sweet feline, and she even has a heart on her nose to prove it. And she recently had a miraculous recovery.

The humans in white coats thought she had a cancerous growth and was going to leave us. But the growth turned out to not be cancer and it shrunk, leaving Sassie healthy!

Sassie, like her brofur Lucky, has not forgotten where she came from and she is working to help other special needs cats. One recently came into the Homeless Animals Rescue Team, which helped Lucky and Sassie, and I want to share his story with you.

Special Needs Cat Tippy Can Use Our Help
Special Needs Cat Tippy Can Use Our Help

This special needs cat’s name is Tippy. Tippy wasn’t a special needs cat before he went into surgery to have a polyp removed from his ear. But he suffered cardiac arrest, and almost died. He recovered, but he suffered brain damage and now is blind.

Special Needs Cat Tippy Getting Some Love
Special Needs Cat Tippy Getting Some Love

You might think that this is a devastating injury for my fellow special needs cat. Well, it cannot have been fun for Tippy, but he does not let it bother him. I am sure he would like to be able to see, but he has learned how to live like a normal kitty.

Tippy is going to have to return to the humans in white coats again to get the polyp removed from his ear. And his care required many green paper things. HART is committed to helping Tippy, but they can use your help.

Whether it is healing thoughts that you send along, green paper things, or spreading Tippy’s story, it will all help. We need to make sure that my fellow special needs cat gets the help he deserves, and anything you can do to help him with his recovery will be appreciated deeply.

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