A Horrible Fate for Tiger

You know that I am horrified and angered whenever I hear of animal abuse. There are too many humans who do cruel things to us felines and other four legged creatures. I know that many humans would not think of doing such cruel things, but even a small number of humans can cause a lot of pain for animals.

It is horrible when a human commits an act of animal abuse. It is even more so when the human doing such an evil thing is someone who is supposed to help animals. That is what happened recently when a veterinarian shot a cat through the head with an arrow and bragged about it.

Furiends, I do not like my visits to the humans in white coats. But even though I do not like them, they treat me well and do what they need while causing the least amount of stress for me. And they do these things in order to make sure I am healthy and will live a long life.

Horrible Animal Abuse Bragged About
Horrible Animal Abuse Bragged About

These things, while causing pain and making me angry, are nothing like what this cruel and evil white coated human did. She shot a cat through the head with an arrow and then she bragged about it. She said that my feral cousins should be exterminated and that the only good feral cat is a dead one.

As a result of this, she is no longer practicing at the clinic which employed her. I am not a vindictive feline, but I do not see how any clinic that focuses on caring and treating animals could employ someone who engages in such horrible animal abuse.

Now there is a movement underway to make sure that this human can never put on a white coat again. There is a drive to revoke her license to practice veterinary medicine. I do not know if this needs to be done, because no clinic will hire her after this.

This sad story, my furiends, is a reminder that we must all be vigilant to protect against animal abuse. It can come from places we would never suspect. Please learn the signs of animal abuse and if you see it, call the humans with badges.

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3 Replies to “A Horrible Fate for Tiger”

  1. I have signed petition to get her license revoked and I did also write the board to have them revoking the license! Hope she is put away, this is really awful! :'(

  2. I also signed the petition and hope her license is revoked, as a vet she took an oath to protect and save all animals regardless of origin ie: feral or family pet. By murdering Tigger she broke the professional oath she took when first becoming a vet, and does not deserve to continue to be one.
    I do think it is necessary to revoke her license to send a message that this behavior is cruel and not tolerated, and because there are others out there who, while not agreeing with her actions, feel it is her right to hunt animals, especially ‘on her own property.’ Any one with this opinion could work in and or run a vet clinic and hire her, thinking she deserved a second chance. I do not think this has anything to do with hunting/property rights, it has everything to do with having a conscience, compassion, and professional ethics– none of which applies to Kristen Lindsey. Kristen Lindsey deserves to be punished and should not be allowed near any animals again.

    1. Yes, she needs to be kept from treating any animals ever again. Her actions are not what you would expect from a white coated human. I do not like going there, but I know they would never do anything to hurt me deliberately.

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