April 26 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I hope you enjoyed the conversation I had with the human and Jacey yesterday. That girl is a silly feline. I cannot understand her being willing to go to the humans in white coats and making it easy for the human to take her there by sitting in the carrier. Furiends, sometimes, she even sleeps in there!

My Blood Sugar Readings Spike When I am In This
My Blood Sugar Readings Spike When I am In This

I know that sleeping the carrier would not help my blood sugar levels. And it is time to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week that ended on April 26.

It was an interesting week for me and my blood sugar readings, that’s for sure. The human decided the he would try to give me less dry noms and more wet noms to see if that affected my glucose levels. Well, it is hard to say with so little data, but it does appear to have some effect.

My blood sugar readings averaged 202 for the week. This is quite a bit lower than the 234 we saw last week. The problem is that there were some very scary low numbers that we did not like. I was okay, but I made the human very nervous.

Do Wet Noms Help My Blood Sugar?
Do Wet Noms Help My Blood Sugar?

This may be because I am not getting enough noms when the human does this. After all, one can of wet noms twice a day for me, Jacey, and Marley may not be enough. We are each only getting two thirds of a can of noms. If the human is going to do this, we may have to get a can and a half each time. Or maybe he can give us one can of noms and a half cup of dry noms.

We will continue to experiment with the noms that I get fed as well as my insulin dosing. Maybe we can find a combination that gets my blood sugar readings to where we want them without any crazy fluctuations.

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