Cat Stuck In Tree Needs Help

We felines can sometimes get ourselves in trouble that we cannot get ourselves out of. For example, when we get startled or scared, we can climb trees but then we may not be able to get down. You see, our claws are very good at getting us up a tree, but they are not good at getting us down them.

Our claws are pretty much like the crampons you humans use to climb mountains. And those are very good at getting us up a tree, but they are not very good at getting us down.

In order to get down, we have to essentially reverse the process of getting up there. This is not graceful and it can be risky if the tree is too high.

A Very Special Cat Rescue Is Needed
A Very Special Cat Rescue Is Needed

That is why a very carefully executed cat rescue must be carried out if a cat is stuck in a tree. Many things can happen that will cause the cat rescue to fail, and the cat to be stuck in the tree for longer. Or, in the worst case scenario of an attempted cat rescue of a feline stuck in a tree, we may fall and hurt ourselves.

And this, my furiends, is why I am sharing the story of a cat stuck in a tree in Ashkum, Illinois. The kind humans at Iroquois County Animal Rescue need your help to carry out a cat rescue. There is a feline who has been stuck up in a tree since Saturday.

Firefighters were dispatched to help get this cat down from the tree, and they tried their best. But their ladders are only 35 feet long, and the poor feline is stuck 60 feet above the ground. I do not know what startled him and made him climb that high, but he needs help.

It will cost $500 to rent a truck with an 80 foot ladder for one hour. Alternatively, a human with tree climbing experience could help.

I am sharing this story in the hopes that someone will help with this cat rescue. Let’s hope that my poor fellow feline gets out of the tree soon!

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