Cashew Saved from Suffering

We felines are adaptable and smart creatures, but tiny felines have a tough time surviving without their mothers. Cashew was a tiny feline who was in danger of leaving us, until a kind human came by and carried out a cat rescue by themselves.

Cashew's Cat Rescue Is a Wonderful Story
Cashew’s Cat Rescue Is a Wonderful Story

Cashew was abandoned at a PetSmart at only three weeks old. He had been neglected, as he was covered with fleas. His fur was also full of mats, and he had a problem with his right eye. When the human would would complete Cashew’s cat rescue saw this tiny feline, they decided that they could not let him suffer.

Because Cashew was crying when he was found, but stopped crying when the human held him, his rescuer held on to Cashew all night. This is a devoted human, to hold a flea infested feline all night long!

As typically happens in cat rescues, the next step was a trip to the humans in white coats. There, Cashew received flea treatment, and a bath. He came out of it looking like a new kitten!

The human responsible for Cashew’s cat rescue also has a canine. And this canine took to Cashew and started to protect him. The other feline in the home is not entirely thrilled to have a tiny feline in the home, but they are not too angry, either. I think that feline will come around.

Rescued Cat Cashew With His Teddy Bear
Rescued Cat Cashew With His Teddy Bear

The original plan was for Cashew to be fostered until he got old enough to be adopted. But Cashew had other ideas. He worked his way into the hearts of all of the humans in the home, in addition to the canine. Because of this, Cashew’s furever home is with the human who completed his cat rescue.

From flea infested furball to happy and loved member of a family that will care for and protect him, Cashew’s cat rescue story makes me happy!

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