May 17 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, everyone. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings. Before I do that, I will tell you something funny that my sisfur Jacey did. You see, Jacey likes to nom on the lemongrass that the human has planted on the balcony. I like to nom on it as well. But unlike me, Jacey does not care that if she noms on too much of the lemongrass, she will vomit.

Jacey Loves to Do This
Jacey Loves to Do This

Yesterday, like she usually does, she went out and nommed on the lemongrass. And then, like she often does, no matter how many times the human tells her not to, she goes on the outside of the balcony railing.

The human was ready to tell her to get back on the balcony, but then she started to make the sounds that tell everyone she is ready to vomit. That is exactly what she did! It is like she did it just that way so that the human would not get mad at her.

This was amusing for both me and the human. And my blood sugar readings made me happy, too. It seems that the change the human made in my diet has done good things for me. My blood sugar levels have dropped significantly. This week, they averaged 144, which was lower than the 174 we saw last week. These blood sugar levels make me happy!

Another thing the human had to do is adjust my insulin dosing. Because I am not eating any more dry noms, which can cause my blood sugar levels to jump, the human has cut my dosing levels in half. And these smaller insulin injections seem to be keeping my blood sugar right where we want it to be.

I am hopeful that this pattern continues, because it makes me and the human very happy!

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