Healing Thoughts to Dexter

One of my good furiends is Dexter the Therapy Cat. I did not know that therapy cats go to visit humans who did not feel well until I learned about Dexter. Jacey and I told the human we wanted to be therapy cats, but the human told us that my habit of biting humans who annoyed me and Jacey’s unwillingness to be held would prevent us from being therapy cats.

After helping so many humans, it is time for humans and felines to help Dexter. He has been diagnosed with a condition known as spondylosis of the spine. In this condition, there is degeneration of the spine. Most felines with this condition can continue to live normal lives, but there may be some restriction in the range of motion or flexibility of the affected feline.

Dexter the Therapy Cat With His Noms Stool
Dexter the Therapy Cat With His Noms Stool

His humans found a small stool for Dexter to use when he noms and when he drinks, and that seems to help with him doing this. It is good that after helping so many humans as a therapy cat, his humans are taking good care of Dexter!

His humans will take him to the humans in white coats again, but this time they will be humans who specialize in handling Dexter’s condition. They hopefully will be able to find a way to help Dexter.

Dexter The Therapy Cat in a Stroller
Dexter The Therapy Cat in a Stroller

He is a very devoted therapy cat, my furiends. He has an appearance scheduled, and instead of cancelling it, he will go in a stroller. That way, the humans who he is to help can still pet him and benefit, even though they will not be able to enjoy Dexter taking a stroll among them.

I am hopeful that the humans in white coats will be able to find a way for Dexter to continue to be a therapy cat. It is something he clearly enjoys. Let’s send Dexter healing thoughts so that he can continue his good work!

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