Russell Comforts Other Patients

I have shared many stories with you about Russell, who was very badly burned in a fire that destroyed his home and took some of his furiends. Russell has still not made it back to his own home, and due to the severity of his burns, he may never be able to leave the humans in white coats who are caring for him at the Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care Clinic.

But while he is with the humans in white coats, this special needs cat is helping other visitors to the clinic. One of the white coated humans said of Russell, “He’s incredibly engaging. He wants to meet all our patients. He just wants to be with them.”

Special Needs Cat Russell Comforts Patients
Special Needs Cat Russell Comforts Patients

Russell, this human added, seems to be able to “sense that other animals are in pain…he does seem to have some weird knack for connecting with patients, even when you wouldn’t think they would.”

At the clinic, my fellow special needs cat is so outgoing that if the humans in white coats did not insist on it, Russell would spend all of his day going in and out of exam rooms to comfort their other patients. He would not even care that he was not getting the rest that he needs to help his recovery. Russell seems to thrive on helping the other animals, and that probably helps with his conditions.

Russell Comforting a Patient
Russell Comforting a Patient

There is a chance that Russell will never recover enough to go to his home. If that does not happen, the humans in white coats at the clinic are very happy to have him stay there and greet their other patients. Everyone loves seeing Russell, and he loves the attention. And this special needs cat shows other animals that the humans in white coats are there to help them and helps them relax.

Forget about Russell being a special needs cat, my furiends. He is a special cat, period!

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3 Replies to “Russell Comforts Other Patients”

  1. Oh Russell truely is a special cat and I´m so happy to have learnt to know him through their pages and through yours also! He is such a beautiful boy and in one way I feel sorry for him if he can´t go home to his mummy, but he might feel needed where he is now and that is probably helping him! <3 All my love and good thoughts to Russell sweet boy! <3 xxxx

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