May 24 Blood Sugar Readings

You kind humans who have been reading my stories for a while know that I typically give you an update on my blood sugar readings on Monday. But since yesterday was Memorial Day where I live, I decided that I would instead share a story of a brave human soldier who went to extreme lengths to make sure his feline furiend came home with him.


That is why I am a day late with an update on my blood sugar readings. For the week ending May 24, my blood sugar readings averaged 211. This is a lot higher than it was the week before, when my blood sugar averaged 144. But it is not too bad. You see, last week, we had a few scary readings, where the human was concerned that my blood sugar was dangerously low. We had only one of those this week.

The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

I went on a roller coaster one day, when my blood sugar dropped all the way down to 25. The human thinks this is because I didn’t get a chance to nom like I should have because he didn’t put enough noms out for me, Jacey, and Marley and he should have put more out. He did not give me any insulin when that happened. Because of this, and because I got plenty of noms later, my blood sugar levels spiked.

We are trying to get a nice, stable blood sugar level and it appears that we are on our way to that. And the human is experimenting with giving me a steady dose instead of using a sliding scale.

He has become a kind of expert on how to adjust my insulin doses and it is due to having done it for so long now. I have been a diabetic cat for nearly three years now. Treating a diabetic cat for this long helps the human know what to do.

He is not as much of an expert as one of the humans in white coats, but he is able to talk to them intelligently about me and my blood sugar now.

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2 Replies to “May 24 Blood Sugar Readings”

  1. Have you ever considered a raw diet for your Bengals? Since they are only a few generations removed from wild cats, I’ve read that they tend to do quite well on a raw diet. And I’ve read that some diabetic cats have been able to go into complete remission on a raw diet. As I’m sure you know, modern commercial cat food has a considerable amount of carbohydrates, which contribute to the blood sugar roller coaster. Just a thought. My three cats are on a commercially prepared raw diet, and are very healthy, have great teeth and are very active.

    1. We do not get any crunchies anymore so that eliminated most of the carbohydrates from my diet. Now we eat wet noms exclusively. The human tried a freeze dried raw food as a supplement, but we did not like it so he stopped giving it to us.

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