Tiny Felines Saved By Meowing

I first met the human when I was a tiny feline of only eight weeks. I do not remember being so small, but the human said that I was so tiny that it was a struggle for me to get on top of the bed! When we felines are tiny like this, we are nearly defenseless and need help from our mother or caring humans to survive.

That is what happened in Southampton in the United Kingdom. A worker was getting ready to put some old leaves and wood into a bonfire. He heard a tiny meow when he picked up some of the material, and stopped.

Popcorn and Marshmallow's Cat Rescue
Popcorn and Marshmallow

It is very fortunate for Popcorn and Marshmallow that one of them decided to meow. This is when the cat rescue story began instead of a horrible accident. That meow stopped the human, and he looked to find two three week old kittens that had been using the pile as a hiding place.

Once this human saw the two kittens, he realized they needed more care than he could give. He took them to the Blue Cross rehoming center in Southampton, and that is where the cat rescue group took over.

The humans in white coats at the cat rescue center took a look at these two tiny felines. Popcorn and Marshmallow were okay, and they just needed some noms to make them feel a lot better. These two are in foster care now, and they will be cared for there until they are old enough to go to a home of their own.

Popcorn and Marshmallow’s cat rescue story is a happy one, but it is a reminder about how important it is to look for animals before you dispose of anything that might make a good hiding place for wildlife.

Also, it is important to spay and neuter felines so that cat rescue groups are not overwhelmed with tiny felines. “We are taking in more and more unwanted kittens and pregnant cats every year” said one of the humans at Blue Cross.

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