A Black Cat Turning White

Today I want to tell you about a really unusual condition which is turning a feline from a black cat to a white cat! This feline’s name is Scrappy, and he was born in 1997 as a black cat. A few years ago, though, his coloration started to change. Now, we felines get white and grey hairs as we age, just like you humans. And in black cats, it is more visible.

Scrappy's Vitiligo Is Changing His Fur Color
Scrappy’s Vitiligo Is Changing His Fur Color

But Scrappy’s condition is very different than this. You see, his fur is changing colors. Instead of being a house panther with a few white hairs, he is turning into a white cat! This is a very unusual condition and it is called vitiligo.

According to the humans in white coats, vitiligo is not a condition that causes any pain or harm to the cat who has it. It just is a very unusual condition and it is very interesting to see. I do not know if it would be fun to have, because I kind of like my color. Turning all white would be very strange for me.

Scrappy Playing in the Grass
Scrappy Playing in the Grass

Scrappy first started developing white patches of fur on his coat when he was seven. It has advanced and has created a fascinating coat pattern. And it has not caused him any harm, as he is a perfectly healthy cat at 17.

I do not know if vitiligo would be considered a disease and I do not know if Scrappy is a special needs cat like me. I would say it is not in his case, because it does not cause any pain and it does not cause any harm.

But there is no question that vitiligo has created a very interesting looking feline. As long as Scrappy is happy and healthy, we should just enjoy the very unique pattern in his fur.

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  1. My cat is 13 and was diagnosed with diabetes in October but the insulin keeps changing because it’s either high or low. Now he is starting to turn grey. I constantly worry about him. We found him one day almost dead and immediately took him to vet. Glucose was 20! They brought him back. Is he growing old faster because of all of this?

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