Diabetic Cat Mia Needs a Home

Good morning, furiends. You know that I love Diabetic Cats in Need because of the work they do in helping my fellow diabetic cats. One of the things they do is help sugar cats like me find homes. And today, I will share a story of a cat they they are helping.

My Fellow Diabetic Cat Mia
My Fellow Diabetic Cat Mia

Say hello to Mia. She is a very sweet calico cat — maybe too sweet since she is diabetic. The humans who she lives with cannot continue to care for her properly.  This cute girl is 11 years old, and because her humans cannot address her diabetic needs, her condition is currently unregulated.

In the past, Mia got the insulin shots that diabetic cats need, and her condition was controlled. Mia also has some dental problems that will need to be taken care of. Not surprisingly for a diabetic cat who is not being treated, she also has some issues with going outside of the litter box, but those should go away once her diabetes is controlled.

Mia is a cat who enjoys lounging and sleeping and being around her humans. She does not talk much, mainly speaking when she needs noms. And she is a friendly cat, enjoying the company of other humans, including small ones, canines, and felines.

Although Mia lives in Fort Worth, Texas, Diabetic Cats in Need will help with transporting her to her new home. They are also providing Mia’s humans with insulin to get her condition under control while she is looking for a place to live. And if her dental needs will require many green paper things to fix, they will also help with raising funds for those.

Let’s help this pretty calico girl find a home where she can enjoy her senior years. It is sad that her current humans cannot care for her properly, but I am sure we can find someone who can. If that person is you, please contact her humans. And if that is not you, please share her story so that Mia can find a home.

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