Meet Diabetic Cat Boyfriend

I would like very much to never have been diagnosed as a diabetic cat. But even though it is not fun for me, I have always had a human to help me my diabetes. I do not even want to think about what it would be like if I were a diabetic cat in a feral colony. Feral cats are lucky to get noms and water from humans. Insulin and blood sugar tests? Forget it.

Diabetic Cat Boyfriend Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Boyfriend Needs a Homediabetic

That was how Boyfriend was living. But he was a smart feline. He started becoming more and more friendly with one of the humans who cared for the feral colony. And when this human noticed that Boyfriend was losing weight despite nomming a lot, they took him to the humans in white coats.

When Boyfriend went to the humans in white coats, he was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. Not surprisingly for a feral cat, he was also found to have FIV. The combination of these two conditions meant that Boyfriend could not go back to the feral colony, and he is now living with kind humans in a foster home.

He is responding well to the insulin shots he will have to learn to endure. Boyfriend is also a very furiendly feline, and he likes other cats, too!

While the human who is caring for him is happy to do so for a while, they cannot give Boyfriend his furever home. It would also be better for this kind human if he could find a long term foster home where he will be taken care of until he finds his furever home.

Can you be the kind human who gives Boyfriend either the long term foster home he needs or a furever home? He is located in Pittsburgh, but Diabetic Cats in Need will help with relocating him.

If you cannot take Boyfriend into your home, please share his story. Let’s find this guy a happy place to live!

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