June 7 Blood Sugar Readings

I hope my story about what is going on with Marley from yesterday did not make you unhappy. It is pretty clear that she would prefer to be an only cat, but it is also better for her to be here than to be in a small cage at the PetSmart until we can find a home for her where that will be the case.

Will Grooming Help My Blood Sugar Levels?
Two Cats Grooming (photo by Jane A. Kelley, Paws and Effect)

I do not know if my attempts to befriend Marley and her response had any effect on my blood sugar readings for the week. Stress tends to cause those to elevate. But it is hard to say if that was the case this week.

For the week that ended on June 7, my blood sugar readings averaged 186. That is up quite a bit from the 156 we saw last week, and it’s hard to say if that was due to the extra excitement my arguments with Marley caused or if it’s just a weekly fluctuation.

We also had some wide swings in my blood sugar readings this week. We had three times where the human could not give me insulin because my blood sugar had dropped to a level that we do not like. Instead, he just gave me noms. It is not surprising that after missing a dose, my blood sugar reading spiked.

My Blood Sugar Readings Made Me Feel Like This
My Blood Sugar Readings Made Me Feel Like This

Still, the overall averages are good. They are way below a level where I have to worry about the long term effects of a blood sugar level that is too high.  I also did not show any signs of hypoglycemia when my blood sugar levels were lower than we wanted and that is good news.

I will let you know what my blood sugar readings do next week. Until then, I hope you have a good week filled with lots of sun puddles and purrs!

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