PetSmart’s Cat Pride Campaign

I do not have to tell you that many humans have misguided and silly perceptions of humans who live with cats. There are many dumb stereotypes about humans with cats. Look at this silly woman who says she will not date a man who has cats. I showed this to the human, and he said, don’t worry Bagheera. What makes you think I’d want to date someone as annoying and whiny as her?

There is good news, my furiends. These foolish stereotypes are going away. Most people do not believe them.

A Human Showing His Cat Pride
A Human Showing His Cat Pride

For those who do, my good furiend Lucky shared with me a contest that PetSmart is holding to help eliminate outdated stereotypes about humans with cats.

They are working with Mayim Bialik, who shares her home with felines and is a passionate advocate for animal welfare. You may know her because she is on The Big Bang Theory. She will select five pictures that she really likes, and these pictures will be featured in PetSmart’s promotional materials.

It is easy to participate in this campaign. The first thing you should do is take a picture of yourself with your feline. After you do that, there are three ways to enter the contest.

An Entry In PetSmart's #MeowOUT Contest
An Entry In PetSmart’s #MeowOUT Contest

You can go to the PetSmart website where they announced the campaign and submit your photo of you and your cat there. Or if you have Twitter, you can post your picture there with the hashtag #meowOUT. Another option is to post your picture on Instagram with the same hashtag.

Furiends, this is a fun contest where you can show that you are proud of sharing your home with a cat. This is not something that you should be quiet about. Cats become very important parts of their human’s lives, and it is long past time for silly, outdated stereotypes about those who have cats at home to be thrown away like used litter.

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