CatCon Attendees Rescue Cat

The human tells me that not too far away from us, there was a big convention of humans who like felines. It was called CatCon. One of the humans who works at The Cat Cafe was there, and she said it was very busy. As busy as it was, some of the humans there had time to carry out a cat rescue.

Some humans at the show were returning from getting noms when they saw a group of humans huddling around the corner of a building. In the middle of the group was a feline who had clearly been injured. This feline had bloody and ragged ears, and a tail that was stripped of fur and bloody.

Reef's Cat Rescue Took Place at CatCon (photo courtesy of Catster)
Reef’s Cat Rescue Took Place at CatCon (photo courtesy of Catster)

It was clear that the poor feline needed to go to the humans in white coats. And that is why many humans attending CatCon decided to carry out a cat rescue.

It helped that there was a cat rescue group already there. FixNation, which works to spay and neuter cats and adopt them out, sent someone over to help with the cat rescue.

We felines like you humans, but when we are injured, we do not like to be approached. That is what happened with this cat. He made the cat rescue difficult, by running away and hiding. Eventually, though, the kind humans were able to get the cat into a carrier and the cat rescue was successful!

FixNation is committed to taking care of the cat they rescued, who has been given the name Reef. I do not like this name, but I suppose he will tolerate it since he is safe. They will return him to his human if they can locate that human. If not, he will be adopted out after being cared for by the humans in white coats.

I suppose it is only fitting that a convention of cat lovers had the chance to save a feline from a rough life on the street!

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