Tiddles Needs a Furever Home

The kind humans at Michigan Cat Rescue do a lot of good for many felines. I have shared many stories of the felines they have rescued. Some of them were the victims of horrible animal abuse, and I am glad that Michigan Cat Rescue helped these felines heal and find a home where they are loved, not abused.

Today I want to share with you a story that does not involve an abused animal, but that is sad anyway. Tiddles is the name of the cat in this story.

Jacey, Marley, and I are lucky to live in a place where it does not get too cold. Felines living in the area where Michigan Cat Rescue works are not so fortunate. Tiddles was a cat who was living outdoors, and somehow surviving the brutal cold. A kind human helped him survive, because every morning at 7:00 AM, she would open the door and feed him.

Michigan Cat Rescue Is Looking for a Home for Tiddles
Michigan Cat Rescue Is Looking for a Home for Tiddles

Tiddles got used to getting the noms every day, and things were okay. But then, one day, the woman did not come to the door. Tiddles did not know what happened, and he came back the next day. Again, he was surprised because the woman did not come to the door. This continued for too long, until one day a human who lived near the home saw Tiddles crying and waiting for noms.

It was not the woman’s fault, my furiends. Sadly, she had left us and poor Tiddles did not know this.

Tiddles was taken to a shelter, but sadly for him, it was a shelter where felines only have a limited time. Do not get me wrong, it is better than starving to death like Tiddles was at risk for. But Tiddles, while getting to eat lots of noms, was going to have his life cut short and his last days were going to be spent in a cage, not in a home where he was loved.

Let's Help Find Tiddles a Home
Let’s Help Find Tiddles a Home

Fortunately for Tiddles, Michigan Cat Rescue pulled him from the shelter before his time was up. And now, his cat rescue is just about complete. All he needs is a home to call his own. This orange Maine Coon is a gentle giant, who loves to talk and is social and friendly.

If you can take Tiddles home, please contact Michigan Cat Rescue. And if you cannot, please share his story. That way more people know and they might be able to take him in.

Let’s help Tiddles find a human as kind as the woman who fed him until she left us!

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