June 14 Blood Sugar Readings

I hope you enjoyed the comments from the human who visited the home to take care of me, Jacey, and Marley while the human was away. I think it was amusing for the human to learn that I have come to associate visiting humans with insulin shots, and that I wait for the shot to be given before I start to nom and ask for attention.

Jacey and I Did This to The Human This Morning
Jacey and I Did This to The Human This Morning

The human is back now, and we felines were sure to demand attention when he came back. This morning, the human could not get out of bed without having to move Jacey and me first! I was willing to hop down, though. I knew that because the talking box was speaking, the human would give me noms. Of course, that meant I would get my blood sugar measured as well.

For the week, we did not get as many blood sugar readings as we normally do, because the human was away for three of them. But there was enough to get an average. My blood sugar readings for the week averaged almost exactly the same number as last week. They were 187, and last week, they averaged 186.

My Blood Sugar Readings Make Me Feel Content
My Blood Sugar Readings Make Me Feel Content

The good news is that we did not have any readings that had the human concerned about hypoglycemia. We did have a few readings that were higher than we liked, but those came when the human did not give me any insulin because my blood sugar was at a point where he did not want to risk it going too low.

I am glad that the human is back and that he will be around to take my blood sugar readings throughout the week. We seem to have gotten my blood sugar levels to a point where we can say they are managed with insulin. There are some peaks and lows, but they are not too bad.

I will let you know about my blood sugar readings next week. I hope we will keep them more consistent!

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