One Cat Leaves, Another Saved

It is a sad day when one of my fellow felines leaves us, my furiends. It is even worse when the human who loves that feline spends many green paper things to try to keep their beloved furiend with them. But some humans find that bringing another feline who needs help into their home helps them deal with the loss of their beloved four legged furiend.

That is what happened with the human who cared for my fellow diabetic cat Hadley. Hadley had come to this human through Diabetic Cats in Need in the fall of 2011. He enjoyed many loving days with his human, until he developed acute pancreatitis recently. It cost many green paper things to save him, and his human and Diabetic Cats in Need started a YouCaring campaign to help offset the costs of care.

Sadly, Hadley lost his battle and he left us. But his human was not going to let losing this fight stop them from saving additional felines.

A Cat That Was Saved
This Feline Was Rescued

Hadley’s human learned about a feline who was dumped at a shelter because the human who was supposed to care for and love him for life was moving and could not have animals in the home. This, furiends, is ridiculous. Many homes allow animals and only an irresponsible human would take the easy way out and not find a home that allows this.

This feline could only be pulled by a rescue. Often, that is the case because the cat is a special needs one, but after years of handling a diabetic cat, Hadley’s human is not deterred by this.

Things are not set for this feline, who does not yet have a name. But what is sure is that after he settles in at the foster home he went to, he has a home with Hadley’s human.

I am very happy that Hadley’s human took the sad loss of my fellow diabetic cat and turned it into a situation where another feline was saved.

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