Kitten Rescued from Dump

I do not understand why any human would abuse an animal. I understand some humans do not like animals, and that is okay. It is foolish to not like us four legged creatures, but I can tolerate this. Abusing animals, however, is never acceptable.

I really do not understand why a human would take a tiny four week old feline and put them in a dump. Maybe it is not a cruel human who did this, and the poor feline just got lost looking for noms. Still, I am very happy that this tiny feline got help from Cat Chance, who are working hard to make sure this cat rescue is a successful one.

A kind human found this poor feline and contacted Cat Chance, who moved very quickly to perform a cat rescue. After taking her in, they gave her the name Misty Kitten. A very kind human is nursing her and caring for her. This, furiends, is far more difficult than what a diabetic cat like me needs. Misty Kitten cannot nom on her own and must be given noms by syringe every five hours, even though the night!

Cat Chance Saved Misty Kitten from a Dump
Cat Chance Saved Misty Kitten from a Dump

Complicating this cat rescue even more is that Misty Kitten appears to be blind in one eye. This may mean that an expensive trip to the humans in white coats will be required. Misty Kitten may lose her eye or if it is not too severely damaged, it may not have to be removed even though she cannot see out of it.

Misty Kitten Is Being Cared For by the Cat Rescue Group Cat Chance
Misty Kitten Is Being Cared For by the Cat Rescue Group Cat Chance

I am hoping this cat rescue will be a successful one, and one way kind humans can help is by contributing to Cat Chance. I know that many of you kind humans do not have any green paper things to spare. If that is you, do not worry. Share Misty Kitten’s story and see if we can help Cat Chance with this, and many other cat rescues.

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