Jacey’s Unusual Antics

You know that I love my sisfur Jacey, but lately, her antics are driving both me and the human nuts. She has always been a funny feline, but her silliness has started to increase lately.

First, she has started to pee in the bathroom sink. Yesterday, the human was using the watery litter box, and I came in to hang out with him. Jacey did, too. But then she hopped up on the vanity, scooted over to the sink, and peed in there with the human watching. It is like she waited until he was on the watery litter box so that he could not stop her!

Jacey Speaks for Bagheera the Diabetic Cat

She has also figured out how to go out onto the balcony when the human has a screen door closed. She will stick her paw under the screen, lift it up, and then squeeze underneath it. The human thinks it is cute, but then he gets annoyed when Jacey goes outside the balcony railing.

And she knows she is not supposed to. All the human does is say “in, Jacey” and she will come and sit on the balcony like she is supposed to. But then when the human is not watching, she will go back outside of the railing. It is like she thinks that if he is not watching it does not count.

Jacey has also started to get the zoomies in the middle of the night. She will wake me, Marley, and the human up by running around the apartment, jumping on the shelves, and then jumping from there to the cat tree. Last night, she knocked down the cat tree. I do not think the people who live underneath us appreciated that big thump!

A Diabetic Cat Relaxes with his Girlfriend in his New Place

While Jacey may be a strange cat, the important thing is that we love her. She makes up for her strange antics by giving us all sandpaper kisses. The human sighs about her antics but tolerates it because he says that is what he knew he should expect with a bengal cat!

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