Basketball Players With Cats

The human tells me there is a sport some of you humans enjoy where tall humans put a round orange ball into some sort of hoop. Some of these humans are feline fanciers, and there is a website that tracks players who have cats.

This little piece of cat humor on the internetĀ is called NBA Catwatch. And the website has a very cute logo.

NBA Catwatch Is a Cat Humor Website
NBA Catwatch Is a Cat Humor Website

It is interesting that so far, the human behind this cat humor site has identified only eight felines who share their homes with the tall humans playing in the NBA.

But that will likely change. The human behind the site has put it together for fun and doesn’t spend a lot of time on it. What he does is scan the social media accounts of NBA players to see if they have any pictures with felines.

An Instagram Post of an NBA Cat
An Instagram Post of an NBA Cat

“It’s a fun activity to…search the Instagram and Twitter feeds of signs of NBA cat ownership. It’s just for fun. I’ve had a bunch of requests for t-shirts, but if I did that, I would donate 100 percent of that money to animal shelters.”

The human behind this cat humor site would like NBA players with felines to contact him. And if they are too busy, and they have a friend who has a little free time, he would like to hear from them as well.

Hopefully, with the exposure this site has received from The Washington Post and other media venues, more NBA players with felines will show up. And that would be good. There are silly beliefs about humans who haveĀ cats. Having some of these tall humans show that they are proud to have felines in their homes may help get rid of those silly beliefs.

What sport do you think should be the focus of the next cat humor site focusing on athletes?

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