Human Cited for Saving Cats

Some of the rules that you humans have are strange. Jacey, for example, thinks that the human requiring her to stay inside the balcony instead of sitting outside the railing is weird but she complies with it. And then when an evil white coated human shot a beloved cat, she was not charged with a crime.

Today I will share with you a story that confuses me. It seems that a human who was working on a cat rescue was cited for doing this.

You see, this human was shopping one day when a cat crossed their path. Being a kind human, they got some noms out of their car, followed the feline to a place where there were other felines, and gave them noms. Then this human returned regularly to give noms to these felines.

Feeding This Cat Got a Human Cited
Feeding This Cat Got a Human Cited

Recently, the cat rescue got more involved. This human took a few felines in to see if they could be socialized to live with humans or if they needed to be barn cats. This is an ongoing part of their cat rescue efforts, with seven cats being placed. One of them was a pregnant feline who later gave birth to kittens.

Helping This Feline Should Not Be a Crime
Helping This Feline Should Not Be a Crime

Then the humans with badges showed up. Instead of complimenting the caring human for their efforts, they delivered a citation!

If you are confused, so is the human who received the citation, which was for illegally harboring a stray animal for more than 14 days. “All I want to do is help these animals,” the human said. “It’s about trying to allow us to get these cats a safe place to live.”

In fact, recently, one of the humans with badges from the same department that cited this human saw them helping the felines. Knowing that they were working to find a good home for these cats, the human with a badge helped them with the cat rescue!

I do not understand why a human who is helping felines and causing no problems is being cited. I hope it is dismissed!

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2 Replies to “Human Cited for Saving Cats”

  1. OMG that was the most stupid thing I´ve heard! Also hope this will be dismissed! Isn´t there any petition going on in favour of this human?

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