July 12 Blood Sugar Readings

Did you have a good weekend, my furiends? Jacey, Marley, and I did not see the human as much as we would have liked. He was very busy working during Comic-Con and he did not spend as much time with us as we wanted. I heard that he spent a lot of time with a lot of kitties at The Cat Cafe, though. I do not know if I should be jealous or not but I suppose I will forgive him since he sends those felines to furever homes.

This is How I Felt About the Human Being Away a Lot
This is How I Felt About the Human Being Away a Lot

But as busy as the human was, he made sure we had enough noms and that I got my insulin shots. And these seem to have worked because my blood sugar readings this week were a lot better than they were last week.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 174. This is a lot lower than the 207 we saw last week and it is good news. The human slightly increased my dosing from four units of insulin to 4.5 units of insulin, and it seems to have brought my blood sugar levels down.

The human will not give me any insulin if my blood sugar levels fall below 50. It is too risky to give me insulin when my glucose readings are that low, because it might put me in a hypoglycemic situation. Those can be very dangerous.

We did see some big fluctuations in my readings this week that cannot be explained. Who knows why they happened. It is the frustrating part of treating a diabetic cat and I know the human gets annoyed with it.

But the important thing is that we seem to have found a level of dosing that will keep my blood sugar readings from getting too high which also does not put me at risk of going into hypoglycemia. I hope it continues to work and will let you know what happens next week!

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