July 19 Blood Sugar Readings

It was a strange weekend here. We had many wet watery things falling from the sky. Jacey, Marley and I were not happy because we could not work on our fur tans, but the human told us that we needed more of those wet watery things. The human said it is called rain and that we do not have enough of it. We were still disappointed but now we understood why it was needed.

Jacey, Marley, and I Did This Over the Weekend
Jacey, Marley, and I Did This Over the Weekend

I do not know if not being able to work on my fur tan affected my blood sugar readings or not. It is also possible that getting towards the end of the bottle of insulin may have affected them. But my blood sugar readings this week went up a lot from the previous week.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 230, which was way up from the 174 we saw last week. That is higher than we want, but it is still below the level where long term complications from untreated diabetes can occur.

It is Time for a New Insulin Vial for Me
It is Time for a New Insulin Vial for Me

The human is not happy about these readings but he thinks that when the current vial of insulin is exhausted and a new one is used, my blood sugar readings should be better. In addition to the wet watery things falling, it was hot around here. The heat may have affected my blood sugar levels as well.

We do not know, my furiends. I know that the human is trying his best. I also think that the switch to wet noms only has been helping. But we still continue to fight the battle against diabetes.

I am glad that the human is so devoted to making sure that I get the care I need to keep my diabetes managed as well as possible. Last week’s readings were not ideal, but he and I will continue to work hard at making them better.

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