Tiger Tim Leaves With Love

You will remember that there was a feline named Tiger Tim, whose evil, cruel, and stupid human abandoned him because they got a new sofa. It will come as no surprise to you that this disgusting human did not tell the whole story about Tiger Tim.

Tiger Tim, you see, was sick. Very sick. He had cancer. I suspect this was known to the human who was not worthy of Tiger Tim, but they did not disclose it to the cat rescue group.

After he was taken in by Magnificat Cat Rescue, Tiger Tim seemed to take a few steps forward. He was nomming, he went exploring, and he also started to interact with the human and felines whose house he was sharing. He would cuddle with the human who was caring for him and the small human in the home. And he would watch the birds go by in the window of their home.

Tiger Tim
Tiger Tim

And when he received his chemotherapy treatment, he woke up, demanded noms, and even purred and gave head bonks to the humans in white coats. The white coated human said they had never seen a feline do this.

Magnificat Cat Rescue was hopeful that these were good signs for Tiger Tim, and that he would recover and go to a home where he would be seen as far more valuable than a stupid sofa.

A Tiger Tim Montage From Magnificat Cat Rescue
A Tiger Tim Montage From Magnificat Cat Rescue

It was not to be, my furiends. The cancer was too far advanced, and while continued treatment might have given Tiger Tim some additional time, it would not have been pleasant for him.

Fluid was starting to build up in his lungs, and Tiger Tim would soon have started to struggle for breath. That meant it was time to let Tiger Tim go. One of the white coated humans went to Tiger Tim’s home. There, Tiger Tim’s suffering was ended while he was being cradled by a human who loved him from Magnificat Cat Rescue.

I am sad that Tiger Tim did not get to enjoy being in a home where he was loved for very long. But I am glad that his last days were with kind humans who loved him, not a stupid one who valued a sofa more.

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3 Replies to “Tiger Tim Leaves With Love”

  1. I so much agree with your words that it was good Tiger Tim came to spend his last days with a human that loved him more than a sofa. I just can´t understand the sofa human??? Goes beyond anything in my mind! Felt so sorry for Tiger Tim to have to leave, but good that he got love his last days. Wish I could´ve done it for him! <3

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