August 9 Blood Sugar Readings

Did you all have a good weekend? Jacey and I had fun tormenting the human this weekend. When he was away, we managed to open many drawers and some things were on the floor. We also opened the closet door and knocked a few things down. When he walked in, we were both sitting by the door and we were very amused by the look on his face!

Cat Knocking Things Down
Cat Knocking Things Down

Now I know you will say, Bagheera, you and Jacey should not torment the human like this. He is very kind to you. And he is a kind human, but we like to get him exasperated at us because the look on his face is funny. Of course, when he calms down, we give him lots of head bonks, purrs, and sandpaper kisses.

He deserves these because he works very hard to keep my blood sugar readings where they should be. And it is time for me to tell you what these did for the last week.

My blood sugar readings last week were much better than the week before. For the week, they averaged 176. That is much lower than the 244 we saw the week before, and it is at a level that makes both me and the human happy. It does not put me at risk of long term complications from diabetes, and it is not too low, either.

We do not know why my blood sugar readings last week were so much better than the week before. I am eating the same noms, and the dosing levels are the same. But for whatever reason, they were much lower than the previous week.

Whatever the reason is, we are going to continue to work hard to keep my blood sugar levels at a good place. I do not think I will be one of those fortunate diabetic cats who go into remission. But that is okay, as long as my blood sugar levels can be managed well.

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