August 16 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, everyone. I hope that you enjoyed the stories that Jacey shared with you yesterday. I was not happy with her ambush of me after she shared those stories, but that is my sisfur for you. She is a very fun and playful feline, and sometimes, she drives me crazy!

Bagheera and Jacey
Bagheera and Jacey

It is now time for me to share with you my blood sugar readings for the week that just ended. You know that for a diabetic cat like me, monitoring my blood sugar readings and adjusting my insulin doses is critical. If it gets too high, it is bad in the long term, and if it gets too low, it can become a medical emergency requiring me to go to the humans in white coats.

I do not like going to the humans in white coats, so the human works very hard to make sure my blood sugar readings stay in a safe range.

This week, we saw a significant improvement in my blood sugar readings. The average this week was 109, versus 176 for the week before.  Furiends, this is good news. In fact, if I was able to achieve these levels without insulin, I would not be considered a diabetic cat!

We did have one time where the human skipped my dosing because it was too close to a dangerously low level. Because of this, my blood sugar readings spiked. But even that reading was not too bad. And when I got my insulin, it came down significantly.

I am hopeful that this represents a step towards getting my diabetes well managed. It is a challenge, and I am grateful for the human’s efforts. But do not tell him this. Let him think I hate him for the ear sticks and insulin shots I must endure.

I will share my blood sugar readings for the week with you next Monday.

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