August 23 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. But first, I will share with you a funny story. Early this morning, Jacey and I both got the zoomies. We decided to run all over the apartment, and this woke the human up. He did not like this, but what he liked even less was when Jacey chased me onto the bed, and both she and I ran on top of him when he was trying to sleep!

Cats Chasing Each Other
Cats Chasing Each Other

This may not have been the nicest thing to do to the human, but Jacey and I were playing. We did not mean to cause him any pain. It was an accident. When we decided we were done chasing each other around, Jacey curled up right next to him and I went to sleep by his feet. That way, when the talking box started to talk, we were able to demand our noms immediately!

Speaking of noms, the human tests my blood sugar levels and gives me my insulin when I am nomming. And for the week ending August 23, my blood sugar readings averaged 169. This is much higher than the blood sugar readings we saw last week, but it is still good. We are not too concerned and we will work to keep them in a good range.

We had one time where my blood sugar readings were too low to give me insulin, and we saw a big jump in my blood sugar when the human tested me the next time. That is not a surprise, and it explains a lot of the difference between this week and last week.

I will let you know how my blood sugar readings turn out next Monday. Until then, I hope that you have as much fun as Jacey and I did this morning!

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