Charlotte Goes Home To Stay

When the human met me, he decided that I was coming home to stay with him. And when I got home and started living with him, I enjoyed it very much. There was never a question on either my part or the human’s that I was going to be staying with him for the rest of my life. This cat adoption was going to stick.

Charlotte was not so lucky, as the humans who ended up completing the cat adoption that would give her a furever home learned. These humans saw her picture and knew she was the right cat for them. They went to the cat rescue facility with the paperwork filled out so that they could quickly complete the cat adoption and take Charlotte to her furever home.


When the humans told the volunteers that they wanted to adopt Charlotte, instead of happiness, the volunteers reacted nervously. They got the staff to speak with the humans who wanted to adopt Charlotte. This human told the potential adopters to check out other felines while they checked to make sure the paperwork was completed properly.

The adopters looked around, but they did not find a cat that spoke to them like Charlotte did. When they told the staff at the cat rescue facility this, the staff responded by telling them that Charlotte was locked in a room to herself because she had been returned previously.

Charlotte bit the human who took her home initially and she also scratched a volunteer. Furiends, this is not a reason to not adopt a cat. If the human were to use that criteria, I never would have been adopted. My cat adoption was completed despite me biting the human hard enough to draw blood when he tried to put me in a box!

The humans who would become Charlotte’s family were ushered into the room, and after a few minutes, it was clear that she wanted to go home with them. She was returned by the previous adopter with all of her toys, so that made things easier for Charlotte’s adopters.

When the humans got home, they set things up for Charlotte, and let her out of the crate. In just a few minutes, Charlotte was sitting in the living room and she watched television with her humans.

All that was needed for this cat adoption to be successful was a little patience and understanding. I am very happy that Charlotte found the right humans!

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