Help A Canadian Diabetic Cat

Because I am a diabetic cat, I really appreciate the work that Diabetic Cats in Need does for my fellow sugar cats. That is why when I learned that they were helping two cats in Canada, I had to share the story of these two.

Charlie and Essie
Charlie and Essie

The humans in white coats at Park Road Veterinary Clinic in Brantford, Ontario are caring for a pair of felines. They are both between seven and eight years old. The boy is named Charlie, and he is the one who is a diabetic cat. His sisfur, named Essie, is not a sugar cat.

These two felines are safe at the clinic. In fact, the humans in white coats are going above what they normally do for felines to make sure they are healthy. Normally, the clinic is not open on weekends. But someone comes in even if they are closed to make sure that Charlie gets the insulin shots he needs.

An intake appointment at Toronto Humane Society has been set up for these two cats, but it can take some time for the intake to happen. That is why Diabetic Cats in Need is helping to find these two cats a foster home or a furever home.

There is a small fund to cover the expense of caring for Charlie and Essie which was given to the clinic by their former human. Since Charlie and Essie were kept by themselves, it is unknown whether they are good with other animals. It is also unknown whether they are good with small humans.

Do you know someone who would be willing to foster Charlie and Essie or perhaps make them permanent members of your family? If you do, please contact the clinic. And if you cannot take in these two felines, please share their story so that someone who can sees it.

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