August 30 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to share my blood sugar readings for the week with you. But first, I have to tell you that Jacey and I harassed the human because he came home with leaky eyes. Apparently, he adopted out a feline who he had grown to love. Jacey and I told him that he should be happy that she is going to a good home. He knew this, but he was sad because he knew he wasn’t going to see her anymore.

The Human Got Leaky Eyes When This Girl Went Home
The Human Got Leaky Eyes When This Girl Went Home

Do not tell the human this, but Jacey and I are proud of him. He is doing a lot of good for our fellow felines! At first, we were grumpy because he was spending a lot of time with other cats. But now, we are glad that so many felines are being sent to good homes at The Cat Cafe!

My blood sugar readings also made me happy this week. For the week, they averaged 164, which is pretty much the same as they did last week, when they averaged 169. This is higher than what cats who are not diabetic typically see. A cat like Jacey, who is not diabetic, typically sees blood sugar readings from 40 to 130.

It is okay, though, for me to see my blood sugar readings at that level. The humans in white coats say that for diabetic cats like me, if we see blood sugar readings between 100 and 180, it is okay.

My average blood sugar readings for the past four weeks have been between these levels. This means that we can finally start to relax a little because it looks like my diabetes is being managed by only allowing me to eat wet noms and by giving me a steady insulin dose.

Both the human and I are happy about this. We were hoping that I would go into what is called remission, where I do not have to receive any insulin anymore. That does not look like it will happen, but that is okay. The human is happy to continue to treat me for as long as I need it.

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