Help Five Imagine Home Cats

Imagine Home is a cat rescue group that does very good things for my fellow felines. These kind humans help arrange for transport so that felines who needs homes can get to places where they will be provided one. They rely on volunteers to carry out their mission.

Sadly, one of their volunteers has left us. This human had a fierce love of animals. Not surprisingly, she had felines of her own. And now, this human, who contributed so much to help with cat rescues, needs a cat rescue performed for her felines.

This human’s family is not able to care for these¬†felines. Her immediate family is in treatment for mental challenges received after serving in combat. And other family members are already caring for several felines and a feral colony.

Imagine Home is looking for help in caring for these five cats. You do not have to take all of them in. Even caring for one would help with this cat rescue.

There is one bonded pair of felines, named Amber Boch and Guinness. These two are torties, and they have spent their entire life with each other. They were litter mates, and they need to stay together. Amber Boch and Guinness are already sad that they lost their human, and they would be even more sad if they were separated.


Then there is Heineken. She is a tuxie with long hair and pretty golden eyes. She loves to get a lion cut in the summer. I am glad that my fur is not so long that I need to get shaved in the summer, furiends!

Dos EquisAlso needing help is a feline named Dos Equis, who is a tiger striped cat. Then, there is Stella Artois. Her human was kind enough to carry out a cat rescue of a declawed and abandoned cat. Now she needs another human to come in for a second cat rescue.

Furiends, I know that it is difficult to take in five cats at one time. Even if the human wanted to do that here, Jacey and I would tell him no because we do not have enough room. But you don’t have to take in all of these cats. You can help by taking in just one.

Please help if you can and if you do not have room in your home to help, please share this story.

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