October 25 Blood Sugar Readings

I have given you a lot of updates on my health because of my battle with pancreatitis. Often, diabetes and pancreatitis occur together. The pancreas produces insulin, and when there is too little of it, diabetes is the result. And if there is damage to the part of the pancreas that produces insulin, it is not a surprise that other parts can become damaged as well.

Too Many of These May have Caused My Blood Sugar Levels to Increase
Too Many of These May have Caused My Blood Sugar Levels to Increase

Today, I will give you an update on another of my medical conditions, diabetes. I will let you know what is going on with my blood sugar levels.

It was an interesting week to be sure when it comes to my blood sugar levels. The beginning of the week was good! I saw some readings in the 100s, but then as the pancreatitis kicked in, I saw my blood sugar levels spike.

This caused my blood sugar levels to average 232 for the week, which is way higher than the 183 we saw last week. But this is not the primary concern for right now, as the more urgent fight is with pancreatitis and its side effects.

We are more worried about me not nomming enough and getting hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver disease, than we are about my blood sugar levels for now. That condition can kill us felines very quickly, and if it doesn’t, treatment requires a long, painful, and expensive hospital stay.

It is also not surprising that my blood sugar levels went higher with the stress of getting various medications and sub-cutaneous fluids.

It is still important for me to continue to monitor my blood sugar levels even though I am fighting another disease, though. These can help give insight into what is going on in my body.

I will keep you updated on what is happening as I work to recover from my bout with pancreatitis while attempting to manage my blood sugar levels. It is a challenge for both me and the human, but it is something we will do together.

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  1. Sweet boy we are so worried about you! Please try to eat as much as you can even if you don’t feel like it. Do not be shy to demand whatever you like to eat (which we know you are very capable of telling your human what you want! But of course it must be within reason and safe to eat for your condition), whether it be tuna, meat baby food, fresh cooked meat with gravy, bacon..?! If you are not able to eat on your own your human or the vet will have to feed you with a syringe and having done this with two of my angels Ms. Phoebe and Černy, it is no fun for kitty or their human. I would do it again to save my baby and prevent fatty lipidosis, but if your human can find something that can entice you to eat then all the easier for everyone.
    Keep us posted and know we are sending you healing purrs and thoughts Bagheera. You are a tough mancat whose journey is far from being near. There is still lots for you to do here and WHO else is there to supervise and rule over your human? Jacey is good at some of these jobs, but no one knows how to better or has done so longer than you! Feel better soon!

    Clove, Kaspars, & Mom

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