Cat Finds Family After 14 Years

The average life of a feline that lives indoors only is around 15 years. That is what makes this story so amazing. A feline named Ralph went missing 14 years ago, and his family did not think they would ever see him again. But thanks to a cat rescue group’s determination, the cat was reunited with his humans, who were very grateful to have him back.

Ralph With his Human Family
Ralph With his Human Family

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa received a stray cat after an animal control officer brought it in. The cat, as is the case with all stray cats, was scanned for a microchip. After being identified, the cat rescue group called the number that was listed in the records, but it was no longer working.

Not willing to give up there, they sent a letter to the address on file. The location had since been converted into a business, but fortunately for both Ralph and his humans, someone there knew the former owners of the property. They gave the information about the missing cat to Ralph’s family.

Confused, Ralph’s family contacted the cat rescue group. They had a cat, they said, but they hadn’t had one for 14 years. Ralph, you see, was loved in his home but then as some felines do, escaped and was lost.

They went to the cat rescue facility anyway, and when they arrived, they said hello to Ralph. He saw them, turned his head sideways, and then perked up.

Ralph was a gift to what was a small human at the time. Now she is a fully grown woman, and she was very happy to see Ralph.

Sadly, Ralph was not able to stay with his family for very long. A 17 year old cat, especially one who was not in good shape due to his time on the streets, is not a cat who can be expected to stay with us for a long time.

After 14 years, Ralph only stayed with his family for about a week before he had to leave us. Still, that one week with his family meant a lot to both Ralph and his humans. He left surrounded by loving humans instead of on the streets.

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